In late 2019, I had the exciting opportunity to relocate to the United States and join a fantastic team of professionals at a top 50 Fortune company. Together, we worked on a critical project where accuracy and attention to detail were crucial. Any mistake in data input could have potentially resulted in significant financial losses and delays for the company.

This experience was particularly meaningful for me because it was my first time working onsite.


My contribution

  • Designed and developed an accounting system utilizing .NET Core and JavaScript.
  • Ensured delivery of high-quality software through clean coding practices and utilizing test-driven development (TDD), continuous integration, and code reviews.
  • Communicated with the client to gather and clarify business requirements and ensure delivery of their desired output.
  • Implemented static code analysis and code reviews to enhance software development processes and improve code quality.
  • Enhanced a Graph API library with methods for external users’ access, ensuring data integrity.
  • Performed bundle-size optimization (reduced the output bundle size of deliverables by 30% by implementing lazy loading, modules deduplication, and package replacements).


  • .NET Core
  • TypeScript
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Solution Architecture
  • User Experience (UX)
  • API Development
  • SQL Azure
  • OAuth
  • Databases
  • Front-end Development

* contracted by EPAM Systems (an American company that specializes in software engineering services, digital platform engineering, and digital product design)