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How to bypass reCAPTCHAs with puppeteer

In this video I’ll show you how to solve reCAPTCHAs with Headless Chrome using puppeteer and 2captcha web service. The actual solution is provided by the puppeteer-extra-plugin-recaptcha npm package.

What happens when you don't release allocated resources

This video is a short reminder about importance of resource management. Last time I showed you how to connect a Deno app to a MongoDB Atlas instance. This time I’ll show you what happens if you don’t manage your resource properly, how to troubleshoot potential issues, and what to do to release the allocated resources.

Setup environment variables with Deno using dotenv

How to setup environment variables for your Deno project using the dotenv package. This video is a quick tutorial to setting up your Deno project using environment variables and storing configuration data in .env files.

Build a GraphQL Server with Deno

Build a GraphQL Server with Deno and MongoDB Atlas tutorial. Learn how to setup a GraphQL Server from scratch using Deno, gql and graphql_tools. I also show you to setup http server, and deno_mongo for connecting to a MongoDB instance.

How to import CSS and style TSX React components

In this video I’ll show you how to make your React application more reliable. Your components and class names will always be consistent. And the next time, when you remove the class name so that it no longer exists, you will get a compilation error.

10 Excellent Tips to Improve Your UI

Hi guys, great to see you again!

A Technology Radar Volume 24 summary

If you haven’t read the latest Technology Radar Volume 24 yet, then let me share with you my personal summary of it:

Let's Deploy a Deno App to Heroku 🦕

We have already developed a REST API using Deno on Linux, protected it with the JWT authentication, and connected it to the MongoDb Atlas. To complete this story, we need to configure our deployment process and deploy the app to the cloud. So this is what this video is about, let’s get started.

Let's develop a Discord bot using Deno 🦕

Hello everybody. Today we will continue to use the Deno framework and develop a Discord bot. We’ll also add some unit tests and see how to run them.

Let's code a Telegram bot using Deno

New Years Eve holidays is always a great chance to get into something new 🎄🎁