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Redirect to Another Web Page

When I was thinking about this post, I thought it would be very short and straightforward. However, it looks like there are at least 3 different ways with pros and significant pitfalls.

Remove an Item From an Array

Hey guys. Here is another video I’d like to share with you today. The main idea is to recollect all of the ways you can remove an item from an array. Hope you enjoy.

Code Together «Array Diff» Code Kata

Hey guys. If you think it is fun to code together (not only watching a video but also discuss solutions), then here is my another video. Your feedback is always welcomed and I hope you enjoy this video!

How to Solve «Valid Braces» Code Kata

Hey folks, here is another solving code kata video. I hope you enjoy.

3 Ways to Solve «Your order, please» Code Kata

Hey folks, if you have practiced code kata then you know how fun and challenging it is. I hope you enjoy this video!

Learning How to Learn - summary

Below is a summary of the Learning How to Learn course, instructors Barbara Oakley and Terrence Sejnowski. The entire course is available at the Coursera and takes about 15 hours.

find-focused-element package is available

It’s a short post about a new npm package I’ve just uploaded.

Angular 8 - Role-based authorization tutorial

In this post, I’d like to show you an example of how you can implement role-based authorization/access control front end using Angular 8.

TypeScript types cheat sheet

This post is a collection of the available TypeScript types, examples of their usual use, and JavaScript outputs.

NodeJS general guide

This post is a collection of notes related to general overview and guides of Nodejs.