Angular 8 - Role-based authorization tutorial

In this post, I’d like to show you an example of how you can implement role-based authorization/access control front end using Angular 8.

TypeScript types cheat sheet

This post is a collection of the available TypeScript types, examples of their usual use, and JavaScript outputs.

NodeJS general guide

This post is a collection of notes related to general overview and guides of Nodejs.

Class, extends and super in JavaScript

Classes were introduced to JavaScript in ECMAScript 2015. Even though it was about 5 years ago, I still want to drop a quick note about this feature.

How to use single auth method for every request in a Postman collection

If you are just like me tired of messing with authorization header for every request in a collection then you’re welcome for a very helpful solution.

Top 5 Azure App Configuration Features!

Hey folks. Even though App Configuration is still in preview mode, I completely agree he is a bit of a hidden gem. So by the end of this post, I’d like you to know his top 5 most impressive features. Let’s get started.

What is Azure App Configuration?

Hey guys! Today, I’d like to tell you about a new azure service called Azure App Configuration.

Customer analysis solution architecture with Azure

I have recently been asked to design a solution architecture to analyze store customers. The key feature of the solution is to recognize human emotions and provide reports based on collected data.

How to create nested folders within Azure Blob container

Do you know that by default Azure Blob storage does not give you an opportunity to group your blobs with folders? But this post is intended to share with you one workaround. Feel free to find out the source codes at the end.

Surprising difference in array and list indexers behaviour

If the existence of a difference between using an array’s and list’s indexers in .NET makes surprised not only me but you as well, then let’s try to puzzle it out.