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Work experience

  1. EPAM Systems, 6/2017 - Present: Senior .NET Developer
  2. DoktorAtWork, 9/2016 - 6/2017: Senior .NET Developer at telemedicine project
  3. Europlan, 9/2013 - 9/2016: Full stack Developer
  4. the State Air Navigation Research Institute, 10/2008 - 8/2012: .NET Software Developer
  5. Upwork profile


  1. 7+ years of experience in the IT field as a Developer
  2. Very attentive to details and believes in the ‘KISS principle’, preferring simple tools and learning principles instead of frameworks
  3. My core skills include but not limited to C#, ASP.NET MVC, ASP.NET Web API
  4. Proficient in the PSD to HTML & CSS markup (pixel perfect), programmed with JavaScript and developed Google Extensions
  5. Depending on the requirements, also able to create unit tests for critical code sections.

Skills and Awards

  1. Programming Languages: C#, JavaScript, CSS
  2. Frameworks: .NET Framework, ASP.NET MVC/Web API, Angular JS
  3. ORMs: Dapper, Entity Framework, NHibernate, Linq2Sql
  4. Database Engines: MS SQL (T-SQL), PostgreSQL
  5. Other Front-end Tools: Node.js, Gulp, Karma, Mocha, jQuery, Bootstrap JS, underscore.js
  6. Other Back-end Tools: SignalR, Quartz.NET, Topshelf, RabbitMQ
  7. Version Control Systems: Git, TFS


  1. FsContainer, - open source IoC container
  2. FsMapper, - open source mapper

Posts and Articles

  1. En: General Object Initiating Function by the Example of $injector.instantiate Implementation in angularjs
  2. En: Single IoC Container in the HTTP-request: Web API vs. OWIN Middleware
  3. Ru: История оптимизации одного IoC контейнера
  4. Ru: Универсальная функция создания объектов на примере реализации $injector.instantiate в angularjs
  5. Ru: Boxing и unboxing — что быстрее?
  6. Ru: Опыт использования MassTransit 3.0
  7. Ru: Использование единого IoC Container’a в рамках HTTP-запроса между Web API и OWIN Middleware
  8. Ru: Azure Monitor: возможности и ограничения
  9. Ru: Пишем свой маппер для .NET Standard 2.0


Bachelor’s Degree in Information Technology, Moscow State Technical University of Civil Aviation, 2011